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Private escorts east crewe


Until a few years ago the early records at Nottoway Court House were in very bad condition, having been terribly mutilated by Federal troops during General Grant's brief occupation of Nottoway Court House, April 5, The Will Books, which cover the twenty years from tohave been destroyed and the indexes cut out of the others. One can still see in the old Will Book ofwritten on the flyleaf by a Yankee soldier, "Abraham Lincoln, President of Virginia,

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Until a few years ago the early records at Nottoway Court House were in very bad condition, having been terribly mutilated by Federal troops during General Grant's brief occupation ctewe Nottoway Court House, April 5, The Will Books, which cover the twenty years from tohave been destroyed and the indexes cut out of the others. One can still see in the old Will Book ofwritten on the flyleaf by a Yankee soldier, "Abraham Lincoln, President of Virginia, It embraced the Nottoway Parish and was named for the Nottoway River, which esckrts separated Amelia from Lunenburg County, and which, in turn, was named for the Nottoway Indians.

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The Nottoway Indians lived in Southampton County on a reservation about fifteen miles square on the Esckrts River near Jerusalem, then the county seat of Southampton. According to Colonel William Byrd, in they ed about two hundred. They were called Mangoac or Nadowa, a name given to them by other tribes of Indians, which means "adders" or "rattlesnakes. As late as December 17,there were Indians in Nottoway County, as evidenced by a petition from fscorts people of Nottoway sent to the legislature on that date to have trustees appointed for the Nottoway tribe of Indians living in the county at that time.

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Not much is known about the part Nottoway, then Amelia, played in the Revolutionary War. We do know, though, that she furnished a good many troops, and that William Fitzgerald II, who lived at Leinster in this county promptly organized a company, was elected captain and served throughout the war. He was privqte at the battle of Guilford Court House and was breveted major for gallantry in action in that engagement. Tarleton, with his British Cavalry, passed through the county on his famous raid to Bedford.

The house, rebuilt by Captain Samuel Morgan, is still standing and is to be seen on the right side of the road to Wellville about three miles east of Black stone. It was at West Creek that nine of Tarleton's cavalry had their famous encounter with Peter Francisco in which Francisco, although their prisoner, wounded two and put to creqe the others. This occurred in full view of the British cavalry. A vivid of this encounter is given in Howe's History of Virginia and is in part as follows: "While the British Army was spreading havoc and desolation all around them by their plundering and burnings in Virginia inFrancisco had been reconnoitering, and while stopping at the house creee a Mr.

Ward, then in Amelia, now in Nottoway County, nine of Tarleton's cavalry came up with three negroes, and told him he was their prisoner. Seeing he was overpowered by s, he made no resistance. Believing him to be very peaceful they all went into the house, leaving him and the pay-master together.

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Give them into your hands I never will. You have the power; take them if you think fit. Francisco finding so favorable an opportunity to recover his liberty, stepped one pace to the rear, drew the sword with force from under his [the trooper's] arm, and instantly gave him a blow across the skull. The bullet grazed my side.

One of the soldiers mounted the only horse he could get and presented his gun at my breast. It missed fire. I rushed on the muzzle of the gun. A short struggle ensued. I disarmed and wounded' him. Tarleton's troop of four hundred were in sight.

All was hurry and confusion, which I increased by repeatedly exst as loud as I could, Come on my brave boys, now's your time; we will soon dispatch these few and then attack the main body. The wounded man flew to the troops, and the others fled panic-stricken.

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The eight horses that were left behind I gave to Ward to conceal for me. I evaded, their vigilance. I, like an old fox, doubled, and fell on their rear. After the Revolutionary war, he was made sergeant-at-arms of the House of Delegates.

He died on Sunday, January The Daughters of the American Revolution have erected a tablet at West Creek to commemorate the valor of this brave man. In the War ofNottoway bore her share of the burdens of this conflict. Besides furnishing; troops, she sent a distinguished son. The period esocrts the close of the Revolutionary War inand the beginning of the War between the States inhas been called the Golden Age in Virginia.

This was especially true of Nottoway. This section was predominantly agricultural. Tobacco was the chief crop and more than two million pounds annually were produced at this time by Nottoway ewst.

Here wag the stronghold of slavery, and here, perhaps, it wore its kindliest aspect. Total population:nearly three times as many slaves as white The white population was largely of the planter class.

The planter had great responsibilities in managing his large acres and many slaves; yet he had time to cultivate the elegancies of life, to engage in the social graces, and to become familiar with all current political topics. Consequently it was during this period that Eawt produced many of her greatest men, and from this system there arose that hospitality for Which her people were noted.

Nowhere were the wishes and wants of the guest more regarded and nowhere was the character of a true gentleman held more esorts. What mattered if they indulged in horse racing and cock fighting,they held to the standard that a gentleman's word was as good as his bond. No people had a clearer sense of honor and a higher regard for pricate kind. The duels sometimes engaged in during this period had one redeeming feature: They bred a wholesome respect escortx a woman's good name, and loose talk concerning a person's character esckrts seldom heard.

Writing about the early conditions in Nottoway, Dr. William S. White, the Presbyterian minister, says: "My life in Nottoway may be characterized as one of incessant but delightful labor. That county had long been celebrated for the politeness, refinement and hospitality of its inhabitants, but they were deplorably irreligious card playing, horse racing and wine drinking were" almost universal among the higher classes.

It was a double track one-fourth of a mile long, the race paths overgrown with brush and trees may still be seen. Across the road stood Hamlin's Tavern, the first to be built in the lower end of Nottoway County.

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There are no records to indicate when it was built, but it stood in great dilapidation as late as The house now occupied by Lee Bland is only a few yards east of the tavern site. The other track was called Bellefonte, and was situated a few miles east of Blacks tone. It was run by Colonel Jeter, and was laid off about the year Here the wealth, fashion and beauty of Old Virginia assembled from time to time, coming from the Blue Ridge Mountains on the west to the Chesapeake Bay on the east; among its famous clientele were William R.

Goode, of Mecklenburg, and, John Randolph, of Roanoke, all famous horsemen.

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This race course was privatr upon as a den of iniquity by the ministers in the county, who did not rest until a great revival was held near the track and the president of the club. Major Hezekiah Anderson, and its owner. Captain Richard Jones, both professed religion and ed the church.

The tavern at Bellefonte was turned into a seminary for young ladies, and Colonel Jeter became a bankrupt and died in, a small cabin nearby. The settlements in the early days of the county were few. In most instances the places were named for the tavern owners, as Jenning's Ordinary named for a Mr. Jennings who ran a tavern there. Major Anderson was the father of Mary Jane Anderson, who became the mother of the famous southern poet, Sidney Lanier.

Burkeville was named for the family who ran Burke's Old Tavern, and Black's and White's for the two rival tavern keepers Schwartz and White. Schwartz, in German, meaning black. These two taverns were located at the intersection of three ro; namely, Cocke's, Hungarytown, then called Jordan's Road, and Old Church. These three ro intersected at a point just east of the old Schwartz Tavern, now the Anderson home. This early settlement consisted of the two taverns on opposite sides of Jordan's Road, a doctor's office, a blacksmith shop, and an ice house.

The settlement of Black's and White's grew as time went on, and the citizens thought a more dignified name should be selected, so they chose Bellefonte; however, due to the objections of the Post Office Department because of the similarity of Bellefonte, Pa. Finally, aboutat a meeting of the citizens. Hurt suggested that the name "Blackstone" be chosen after the famous English jurist of that name. Cocke's Road is one of the oldest ro in the county. He was granted by the court in a road to his mill, and the road from that time came to be known as Cocke's Road or Cocke's Lane.

That is how it received its name, and not, as some believe, from Dr. Cox who perished in the big snow ofmore than a hundred years later. In the early days, the old time Virginian loved privacy and, like an Englishman, he elected to build his house as far as possible from his neighbor's and out of sight of the public road; consequently his goings and comings were rather infrequent, and except for the time passed in social visiting, his big day away from home was when he attended court.

Freeman Epes. The building at Hendersonville evidently burned down sometime duringfor we find in Order Book No. And it Is ordered that all pleas, bills, processes and proceedings whatever be adjourned thereto, and it is ordered that the Sheriff make his return to that place. Order Book No.

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There were several mills along the Little Nottoway River, the most important belonging to Peter Randolph. He had obtained permission to dam Lazaretta Creek, and there is a local tradition that when the work was completed, he stood on the dam and defied God Esclrts to break it. The story runs that on that very night a freshet came excorts swept the dam away.

Peter Stainback had a tavern there, and a man by the name of Hood, a blacksmith shop.

Wood Jones, the county surveyor, was ordered to make a survey, and decided that this location was very suitable as it was about the center of the county. Sometime privxte the latter part ofaccording to Order Book No. Inat the May Court, the commissioners appointed to view and receive the Court House if done according to contract, reported unanimously that it was not done according to bargain.

It was later received by the Court. However, it must have been a very inferior building for the records show that it was constantly in need of repair. It was repaired in, and again in ; finally, at the June term of court,the building and the Clerk's Office were ordered to be sold at the July Court following. Three privaet passed in the construction of the new building, and it was before court was held in its new quarters.

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