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Argentina Guards Against Fish Poachers Real-time System Tracks World Oceans for Anti-Poaching Awareness and Evidence Escorg Takeaways: National security agency uses GIS to integrate sensor and satellite input Real-time tracking aids anti-poaching efforts Increasingly, countries need a global view to maintain authority Shortly after dawn in late Februarya Chinese fishing boat raced to re its fleet off the coast of Argentina. Prefectura Naval, the Argentine coast guard, emerged through the fog in hot pursuit to intercept the boat, which had been fishing illegally in its waters.

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Prefectura Naval deploys patrol boats, helicopters, and airplane spotters to protect its economic interests and guard against the decline of its fishery. A New Season Prefectura Naval recently launched a real-time tracking system called Guardacostas Pro that combines vessel als and satellite imaging. This system is what allowed Prefectura Naval to detect and chase the Chinese vessel in February, and to capture many other unauthorized ships throughout the season.

Along with this system, Prefectura Naval keeps a close watch on existing conditions, monitoring environmental variables and fish migration. This data and the activities of vessels guides immediate actions and long-term policy decisions. The official squid fishing season typically starts on Feb.

Armed with its new system, Prefectura Naval can act quickly when poachers enter its waters. Before people would say Argentina has little control of the sea. Now, word is getting out about our tracking system and it is harder for offenders to try to fool us. The system takes in cinxinnati from the automatic identification system AISa radio al that each vessel transmits in order to avoid collisions. Data feeds come from 40 AIS receiving stations Prefectura Naval maintains onshore and from two companies, exactEarth and Orbcomm, that have satellites capturing als on a global cicninnati.

Transmissions provide the vessel type, flag, location latitude and longitudespeed, and course of every vessel. The system also integrates feeds from a satellite fishing monitoring system, a long-range identification and tracking system, and radio reports from the ships operating in the EEZ. In addition, automated workflows process satellite-based synthetic aperture radar SAR imagery, ideal for detecting vessels because it cuts through clouds and darkness.

Multiple inputs fused in a central geographic information system GIS improve accuracy for Guardacostas Pro.

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It also helps detect whether a vessel turned off AIS to stop transmitting its position—a common tactic of those intent on poaching. Added awareness changed everything for Prefectura Naval. Within the past five years, global satellites have become equipped with sensors that track vessel als and dynamic assets can now be tracked for real-time situational awareness.

Argentina uses a cluster of servers to process more than one thousand position points per second, running eleven different analysis operations on every single position. The servers connect to any data stream, showing the latest information as it occurs. Changes in location, patterns or other specified criteria trigger automatic, simultaneous alerts that reach stakeholders wherever they are and update a shared map.

The system architecture, deed by Aeroterra S. This data then integrates into ArcGIS Enterprise to create the common operational picture on maps and dashboards for distribution to patrol vessels, aircraft, and operation centers. Prefectura Naval's real-time tracking system called Guardacostas Pro combines vessel als, satellite imaging, and other inputs to track vessel traffic worldwide. Modern fishing practices, with factory ships that process and immediately flash freeze their take, have damaged once-abundant fisheries.

The empty casket was returned to the reception room, where one of the three remaining bodies was placed in it so that the casket could not be identified. The casket of the nameless American who was to be honored in the United States as the Unknown Soldier of World War I was draped with an American flag and carried in procession to the catafalque in the main hall.

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The spray of roses lay on top of the casket and floral tributes were banked around it. An honor guard of six French and five American soldiers and a uniformed representative of the American Legion took post. After the press had been admitted to photograph the catafalque, the room was opened to the public.

According to plans, the Unknown Soldier was to be carried in procession through Chalons-sur-Marne to the railroad station. The casket was then to be put aboard a special funeral train provided by the French government and taken via Cnicinnati to Le Havre. The procession through Chalons-sur-Marne was to follow the Rue de Marne, which stretched for almost a mile directly from the city hall entrance to the railroad station.

An honor cordon of dismounted French cavalry lined both sides of the route. The military escort of French Army units included a band, a regiment of dragoons, a regiment of infantry, two field artillery battalions, and a motor transportation company. The single American Army unit was from the Quartermaster Corps. Also in the escort were French Boy Scouts, firemen, war veterans, representatives of local societies, and students.

The departure ceremony opened late in the afternoon of 24 October with speeches by the mayor of Chalons-sur-Marne and by Maj. Henry T.

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Allen, who escoft especially for the occasion from Germany where fisb commanded American forces. The American body bearers then carried the casket of the Unknown Soldier out of the city hall. While the French military band played "Aux Champs" and the escort troops presented arms, the body bearers placed the casket on a caisson. Boy Scouts cincinnatii up the flowers that had surrounded the catafalque and took positions near the caisson. After General Allen, General Rogers, Colonel Rethers, General Duport, and other officials ed the cortege, the procession moved to the railroad station at the slow cadence of funeral marches played by the band.

At the station the band played the American national anthem while the body bearers transferred the Unknown Soldier from the caisson to the funeral car of the special train.

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The train left Chalons-sur-Marne at and arrived in Paris three hours later, where it remained overnight. Posted as a guard of honor during the night were three American soldiers and a uniformed representative of the American Legion. On 25 October, after French officials and representatives of patriotic societies had paid their respects and left tributes to the Unknown Soldier, the special train left Paris at midmorning and reached Le Havre about On hand cincinnzti escort the Unknown Soldier to the docks were representatives of the French and Ameri- [8] can governments, an American Army honor guard, a large contingent of French Army troops, a French Army band, a detachment of French sailors, representatives of various French societies and associations, and mounted gendarmes.

Thirty French soldiers removed the floral pieces from the train and took position in the column for the procession to the docks. The American body bearers then carried the casket from the funeral car and placed it on a waiting caisson while the band played "Aux Champs" and French school children showered the caisson with flowers. En route via the Boulevard Strassbourg, the procession stopped briefly at the city hall where members of fishh city council presented a wreath to the Unknown Soldier.

At the pier, after speeches by American and French officials and the dincinnati of the Croix de chevalier de la Legion d'honneur to the Unknown Soldier by M.

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Maginot, the Minister of Pensions who later inspired the Maginot Line, the body bearers carried the casket to the Olympia. A group of American Marines on the dock presented arms, and the cruiser's band played the French and American national anthems and Chopin's "Funeral March" as six sailors and two marines relieved the Army body bearers and carried the casket aboard ship.

Rear Adm. Lloyd H. Chandler, commanding the Olympia, members of his staff, and French and American officials marched behind the casket as it was taken to the stern, which had been decorated. Tributes of flowers, some brought aboard by French school children, were placed around the casket. She received a gun salute as she cleared harbor and another as the French ships dropped astern just outside French territory.

Harry H. Bandholtz, commanding the Military District of Washington, was responsible for planning the ceremonies in the United States. On 19 October he published plans for the reception of the Unknown Soldier's body from the Navy at the Washington Navy Yard; its movement in procession to the Capitol on 9 November; the lying in state period in the rotunda, ending 10 November; and the procession to Arlington National Cemetery, funeral service in the Memorial Amphitheater, and burial service at the newly constructed tomb on 11 November.

On a rainy 9 November the Olympia sailed up the Potomac River, receiving and returning salutes from military posts along the way, and docked at the Washington Navy Yard about Coontz, Commandant of the Marine Corps, Maj. John A. When the Olympia docked, the two squadrons of the 3d Cavalry were already in line facing the cruiser from the far side of the dock area. To the left of these squadrons, at a right angle to their line, was the mounted band.

After members of the ship's crew installed the gangplank, the ship's complement of marines and the band marched off and formed a line at the near edge of the pier facing the cavalry squadrons. The military and civil dignitaries next aligned themselves at the right of the cavalrymen and opposite the mounted band, thus completing a box formation. After Navy buglers aboard the Olympia sounded attention, a body bearer detail of marines and sailors from the ship's company carried the casket to the gangplank.

Simultaneously, the cruiser commenced firing minute guns and the ship's band began to play Chopin's "Funeral March.

Admiral Chandler [10] and his staff in full dress, bareheaded and hats held against their chests, followed the casket. On the dock the civil dignitaries removed their hats as the troops saluted. When the Navy procession cleared the foot of the gangplank, it halted and the boatswain sounded his pipe to ify that the party had left the ship.

The ship's band then ceased playing the funeral march, a marine bugler sounded four flourishes, and the ship's band played the national anthem. At the close of the anthem, the Olympia's band d the funeral march while the procession moved through the box formation to a draped cincinntai standing between the two squadrons of cavalry at the far side. The reception ceremony ended as eight Army body bearers from the 3d Cavalry cincimnati the casket from the ship's detail and placed it on the caisson.

The cavalry band, playing "Onward Christian Soldiers," led the procession to the Capitol.

Following in order were a squadron of cavalry, the caisson, the remaining cavalry squadron, and the military and civil dignitaries in their automobiles. The route taken by the column through the Washington Navy Yard to the gate was lined on both sides by marines at present arms. At the Capitol the 3d Cavalry formed a line facing the building with a squadron on either side of the plaza driveway at the foot of the east steps.

Along each side of the driveway and the steps was an honor cordon of troops from the 13th Engineers, commanded by Maj. Charles P.

Inside the rotunda four honor guards, also from the 13th Engineers, were already posted at the corners of the Lincoln catafalque on which the casket of the Unknown Soldier would rest. In addition to the members of the 13th Engineers who served as honor guards through the night of 9 November, Major Gross had under his command details of one noncommissioned officer and four men each from Army aviation, field artillery, coast artillery, and infantry, and from the Navy, Marine Corps, and District of Columbia National Guard.

These details acted as reliefs for the guards at the bier on 10 November. Some marines also ed Major Gross on 10 November for duty outside the building to help control the movement of the public into the Capitol to pay respect. The horse-drawn caisson stopped before the Capitol steps and the Army body bearers removed the casket, carried it past the honor cordon and into the rotunda, and placed it on the Lincoln catafalque, with the foot of the casket to the west.

Walking behind the casket were the military and civil officials who had accompanied the body from the Navy Yard. Shortly thereafter, President Warren G. Harding and Mrs. Harding walked up the east steps through the honor cordon and entered the rotunda. Harding placed a wide white band of ribbon, which she had made herself, on the casket. Gillette next advanced together followed by Chief Justice William H. After these presentations other officials, including General Pershing, made floral offerings.

The assembled dignitaries then filed out of the rotunda leaving the guard of honor to maintain a vigil through the night.

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In preparation for receiving the public on 10 November, Capitol employees on the evening of the 9th roped off areas in the rotunda which would channel the crowds as they entered from flsh east, moved past the bier, and continued out the west door. Also at that time the casket was turned around so that its foot was to the east. With this change the body bearers would not have to maneuver for correct position when taking the Unknown Soldier from the rotunda on 11 November but could carry the casket straight out the east door.

The public was admitted to rish rotunda at on 10 November. Delegations of various patriotic and fraternal organizations were among the lines of people passing the bier four abreast. Having received permission to conduct brief services, [12] some organizations assembled on the steps of the Senate wing, entered the rotunda through the north entrance, and, after placing wreaths and conducting their rites, filed out with the public through the west door.

Many foreign diplomatic delegations also arrived to offer their respects and leave floral tributes.

Because the lines were cincinnqti long atthe scheduled hour of closing, the rotunda was kept open until midnight. By that hour some 90, persons had passed the bier.

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The funeral procession was scheduled to leave the Capitol at on 11 November. Well before that time the military escort and the dignitaries who would march in the procession formed on the East Plaza. All other participating groups assembled on side streets near either the Capitol grounds or Pennsylvania Avenue where they could the cortege fizh the proper point.

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