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Chub pawtucket looking for first time

Chub pawtucket looking for first time


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This could be a one time arrangement or an ongoing enjoyment. Agebody type and appearance are not as important as sexuality and sensuality - if you feel sexy, you are sexy! Every day is different. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines Wednesday September 9, Low tide am Light wind Fishing this morning with Scott Wilson and RI resident and avid fly fisherman.

Scott fishes mostly shore so being on a boat is a treat for him. Scott is a shore fishing guide and very good at finding fish along the coastline. Look him up if you are interested in walking the shore looking for feeding fish. We checked a few places early and found no life. As we moved out chb water we found a few fish jumping out of the water. The shots were long range and light tackle was the best option. I connected on the first fish and released a large false albacore.

This was a scouting day for the upcoming charters. Scott followed up with a pound albie. Screaming drag and tight line. The pods were small fhub up and down quickly. Scot had several chances with the fly rod, no love. We found a few fish in a lot of places today. Josh Rollins and his son JR, 19 year old College freshman. Driving down from Atlanta hauling all of JR college items.

Planing on fishing with On the Rocks for 2 days.

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When arriving in RI on the campus, JR failed his quick test, They were refused admittance to the college grounds. Calling me for lodging suggestions, and hoping I would still be fishing with them. Not happening I cant chance it and the rules need to be followed. It has been a very tough season with the restrictions, people are not traveling as much.

This is hurts everyone. Be safe i will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines Friday September 4, High tide Light wind for the North Clear skies todaywhat a difference a day makes. Fishing today with john Hoder and Phil Michaelson. They are both excellent fly caster and looking to spend a day around Newport catch fish, and enjoying the day on the water. Let me say they were good clients easy to please and willing to be patient.

We found a few fish early but fishing was off, the fish were in small schools and small pods of bait. They would appear and then they were gone. We picked of few and waited for a better bite. I covered the water not married to any spot,always looking for better. We did see the first False albacore of the year. We one good shot and John laid the fly in the area but no love. I received a call from another Captain about some action 20 miles away, False albacore were feeding.

With the tide close to full things could change quickly. Will the area we are in turn on with the new tide? Will the bite continue after we make the run 20 miles away? Decisions are the most difficult part of my day. We did discuss and they were willing to go. I put the throttle down and we arrived to feeding fish. It was a good call to run. The tide was stopped and the feed were all pound bluefish.

I hoped the albies bite would pick up again with the tide rirst. We did see a few but they were spreed out. John and Phil landed many blues in next hour and 30 minutes its was good. We lost several flies but they landed 20 or so. When heading back toward the ramp the water was void of life. I decide to find an area that has been doing well on the dropping tide.

We hit pay dirt, finding feeding stripers ,Phil and John put another dozen fish in the boat with a few double hook ups. It was very good day. I will be pawtuclet again soon look for my report Until then tight lines. September 3, High tide am Heavy fog Fishing to day with avid fly fisher John Hagan, when we arrived at the ramp I knew we were in for a difficult trip. This was a day like very few others, the pawucket was very thick and traveling would be a challenge.

With light wind heavy cloud cover and high humidity,the fog was going to be with us all morning. The chance of looking for hard tails was not an option. False albacore and Bonita should be on the seen any time now. John was hopping for the pull of the fast moving fish. We work in areas with heavy structure, looking for any s of live.

Caught one and when we landed the pound bluefish they were gone never to be seen again. Today you had to run into the fish the visual game was not happening. John manged to put more than a handful in the boat to safe the day.

It was disappointing for both John loooking I, some things you just cant control. Today he would be using a sinking line and fishing from a boat, some what new to him. He pawtuket fished with me in the past but it been a few months. With fish splashing around the boat he got a little out of sync. Not able to connect tome fish within his wheel house. It happens to the best of us.

I moved away form fish to give him some words of encouragement. We made a few adjustments and things fell into place. Joe connected with 9 or 10 fish today with the best about 25 inch. Good fish for and 8 weight, Joe was back in the game, and we had a good outing. Birds on feeding, fish splashing its a great time of the year.

Leaving the dock around sunrise, it was a lot warmer than the last few days. We found fish early and had a very steady bite for the first 2 hours. Brian caught stripers and a few bluefish. Several stripers were larger than 26 in and at least one,more than 30 inch. As the tide slowed so did the action. We deiced to look for hard tail action. Sorry to say again today or search came up empty.

We covered a lot of water today. And as Brian said someone will be the first to find the fast moving hard tails. We finished the day off with a few more bass.

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It was a good day under any standards, we just caught them quick. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines August 27, Wind NNW 10 Low tide Another day of the cold front passing through our area. With the wind from the North the air temp was in the low 60 when we left the dock. He is hoping for a chance for Bonito or False albacore. We found fish feeding early a mix of bass and small blues fish.

The bite continued until the tide slowed. We headed to the East in hope for the fast moving fish he was seeking. We found nothing but empty water as we moved along the coastline. We made our way back to the area of the morning bite. Now the tide was moving up to high. We found fish and stayed with them for an hour Brian boated many nice stripers on top water plugs.

The best fish of the day took the plug only feet in front of the boat. What a site, the explosion and screaming drag. We boated and released a fish that measured over 30 inch. Sending her off to fight again. We left the dock around with a very strong wind from the North West. It was blowing at least 15 when we turned the corner. Find fish immediatelybut heavy weed cover made it impossible to connect. I hated to leave the area but it was futile. It was a only a short run when we found birds working tight to the shore line.

This action lasted until the tide stooped to turn. Bob had a slight disadvantage,his left hand is a prosthetic. Deed and manufactured by himself. He owns and engineers the company that supply most of the high tech Prosthetic. It was quite and inspiring day for me to learn and witness first hand. The conditions were tough the cold front has affected the bait. All the fish found today were in small pods and moving quickly. Bob had the best fish of the day a healthy 26 inch school striper.

Dana connected with the most fish today. We were heading out early just before the sun was over the horizon. Steven has fished in Rhode Island but it has been many years. He is an avid fisherman both fly and light tackle fishing. We found fish early and often, taking the top water plug. Steven landed many stripers today with a few bluefish to add top the count.

The best fish was just around inch which we released to fight again. Steven was ready to end the trip early so he could be back on his boat, heading to his home port. It was a great day and hope to hook up again. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then Tight lines August 20, North wind New Moon Another day with clear skies,and cool temps. Leaving the dock it felt like late September. Air temp was 58 degrees. Jack Tatelman back with On the Rocks Charter ,looking for big blue fish.

On fly rod they are great game fish. We found fish this morning early but. They were selective early and as the sun came over the horizon the temps warmed and the fishing got much better. Feeding bass and blues crashing schools of peanut bunker. Jack caught fish on different ways bass and blues taking top water poppers and with sinking line he was tight often. Jack did not get the big blue fish he was looking for the was about pounds We did not so and bonito or albies today soon.

I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines August 19, NW light New moon Today was a beautiful,clear skies and light wind. A fly fishers dream. Fishing with two long time fly fishers. We started off slowly and had many opportunities. s of fish around us most of the day. We did catch several nice bass and more than a hand full of Blues. Some blues were pound most were Today the fish were very picky, ignoring the flies presented.

We change flies but not much improvement. I have never encountered some many fish with so few take. They had the do not approach up. When moved to the fish they sounded only to appear yards away.

Rhode island fishing report

The bait is small peanut bunker and scattered not in tight pods. Which makes for reaching them with a fly most difficult. Light tackle anglers were moving quickly to the pods. Putting them down, This type of action is seen when the false albacore are feeding. But not with bluefish so much. Hope for things to improve. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines August 18, High tide South wind Jim Piles and his son Gus finally found a day to hit the water. We have moved this charter 3 times due to weather, today was the day.

We headed out from the dock aroundwaiting out the thunder and lightning. It finally cleared to a beautiful morning. We checked a few location and found bait but not enough fish. Then the s of life and we found fish in most places today. Gus was high hook today with a striper around 12 pounds most were nice healthy fish inch.

Several nice pound blues were caught also. The bait is small peanut bunker and appeared to be plenty. Soon we should see Bonito or false albacore. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines August pawthcket, North Wind 10 increasing Low tide am Leaving the dock with clear skies and a cool breeze, refreshing. The bite was on early with strpers and bluefish.

Finding a bluefish on the first cast donating a fly at the boat. The striper bite was good for the first 2 hours as the tide slowed so did the bite. John Hagan put of a clinic with the fly rod fro. For the first few hours we had fish around the boat. John managed to connect regularly, When the bite was off we moved with the tide and back in the game.

We ended with the best feed I have seen the season. Hungry bluefish feeding in and area the size of a football field. Nice pound fish, a great time on a fly rod. The bait was small and running for there life. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines August 8, NNE Low tide am Although chun been 5 days day since the storm passed along the coast. It never came close enough to really impact the area. Tree damage and wind with little rain. The seas were angry all week with a full moon and seas.

It kept most boats and myself off the water. The water was clean and calm today, Hoping to find activity around the firwt front. Leaving the dock early we found fish feeding on very small bait. The peanut bunker are being chased by small blue fish and school size stripers. Soon we will be chasing the faster moving fish. Bonito and false albacore. I found a steady pick of stripers with incoming tide, top water bait would get the attention of finicky stripers.

But they were were not willing to commit. Fly and swim bait were producing much better today. July 31, High tide Steady rain Scott Powell first time saltwater fly fishing. Scott has caught trout and fresh water bass on fly. Today wanted to give the ocean front a shot. He had no experience with a sinking line,my method of choice while fishing structure. Scott adjusted nicely to the heavier rod and the sinking line. He managed to land his first striper within the first hour. The rain was steady all morning.

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After receiving some Intel from another Captain we were in the game. Scott put and handful of school stripers over the rail today. Most were in the inch size. It was a successful outing for a beginner saltwater fly caster. Scott is well on his way to a life time of enjoyment. He did a great job today. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines July 30, high tide am Heavy FOG Today I am back on the water with good friend.

Justen Barrett, nick name Phil. We have fished together since Phil was a young man. I like to think I was some sort Mentor for him and his 2 friends. As they grew up spending many days fishing with me. Nick Dan and Phil, the three amigos. Today we left the dock with the heaviest fog I have encountered this season.

We found some safe water to try to wait out the fog. After an hour and a handful of school stripers in the boat. Motoring out the ocean front was a slow process. We arrived in a prime location and the bite was a slow pick. The heavy structure was holding fish tight, unfortunately it was difficult to maintain position.

The fog never lifted for us and we deiced to head in as the tide was about to turn. Phil managed to connect with double digit fish today with nothing bigger than 24 inch. It was tough today. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then Tight lines July 29, Low tide am Wind light Fishing today with a very good friend, I first meet Justen around 15 years ago.

We have fished together ever since. He was a young boy of 15 with lots of fishing skills. He is now 30 and he can catch fish. Phil as I know him was born in St martin and and moved to RI to go to school. He and I have a connection that has withstood the test of time. Today he absolutely put on a clinic, every spot I set him up on he got tight lo of fish around inch.

With some smaller ones in the mix. Landing around stripers with a handful of bluefish also. The Ocean front had lo of bait, but we only found a few on surface feeds. Today the best fish was 33 inch that took his top water offering in some heavy structure. It was touch and go for short time. Justen Phil manged to get the fish away form the rocks. And soon landed the lb striper.

We will be out again tomorrow, look for my report Until then tight lines. Made for a quick drift today as we fished the heavy structure. Zack Morello and his friend Tony looking for some striper action. Tony a very inexperienced angler, took a while to get the hang of casting. Zack with lots fishing ability would do most of the searching early. The fishing has been slow for me the last couple outings.

The bright Sun and high temps changed the bite. Today started out looking like more of the same. Very slow start today. After the tide turned Zack caught the first fish and shortly after the second school striper. We switched over to jigging for Black Sea bass.

Not something I do very often, but thought we could get a few for their dinner. With about an hour left to morning trip, I headed to some prime structurehoping some stripers would be home.

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All it takes is an hour to make a trip. Zack managed to put close a dozen fish measuring inch in the last spot we fished. I felt better and Zack did also. Tony never connected with a striper today. But I will say is performance improved greatly. He is now ready to get tight next time he fishes. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines July 25, Low tide am North wind 5 Today fishing with Russ Alves and his son Mitch.

Both fly fishing saltwater for the first time. It was a beautiful day with light winds and clear skies. When I have new fly fishers on the boat its my job to figure out just what skill level and how they can present the fly. I start out usually in an area with less boat traffic and calm water. Today was no different, we had fish slurping around the boat for the first 2 hours. Russ managed to hook up on his first striper. Mitch was still working on his timing. Russ managed to land 2 stripers today and Mitch will have to wait until his next outing.

His casting did improve as firet day went on. The clears skies and bright sun put the fish down. Pawtudket did find bait but with few fish actively feeding. It was a tough day extreme heat has change things. Get them early seem like the best looikng. I will be out again soon look for my report. Until then Tight lines July 22, High tide I fished todayprimary to make sure I had all mechanical issue taken care with the trailer.

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I had no clients scheduled, the trailer is good as new. I left the dock before sunrise, and immediately started to catch fish on the fly. The bait was being chased in the harbor, and several nice fish were willing to play. I left the area when another boat started to chase them around. I headed out and was greeted by the same action out side along the ocean front.

I caught fish for several hours until the rain headed my way. Back at the dock before am with nice stripers the best fish was lost early close to the ramp as I grabbed the leader. Did manage a very nice inch fish, weight 15 pounds. I took a quick picturebut the quality is not very good. Its hard to take a picture when alone, not keeping the fish out of the water. She was released to fight again. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines July 21, wind West South West Today as I launched the boatI had a failure of the trailer wheel.

The hub and wheel parted. I was able to put the boat back on the trailer and safely limp home on three wheels. The day was spent rebuilding all four wheel. The good thing is I made the repairs and back on the road the next day. Thankfully I was fishing alone and had no clients scheduled.

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Its been a few years since they visited Rhode Island. While on the quest to catch fish on fly in all the states. Rhode Island was checked off in Booth are avid fly fishers. They cuhb better today, only a hand full of fish for there effort. The Fog left us with little choices, for safety lookinh. The conditions were not good at all for fly casters. When the fog did give some running room, the seas were very active out front.

Megan was a little uncomfortable with the bumpy conditions. So we retreated to calmer water, the bite was off today. We did pick up several fish, and Joe broke off what could have been the best fish of the day. Joe and Megan have fly fished and landed fish on fly. In all 50 states, that is quite a accomplishment. I will be out again soon look for my report Until then tight lines July 17, High tide East South East wind 10 Leaving this morning before with Brian Dick, greeted with a beautiful sunrise.

Brian back for a second day, we expected nice weather with good conditions. Unfortunately the weather man was off the mark. We started fishing early and within 30 mins Brian had more than a handful of fish over the rail. We fished the area for less than an hour and had close to a dozen fish. Mostly small school stripers.

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